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indulge in luxury with our accommodation in perisher valley

Tucked high up in the magnificent Snowy Mountains of Australia there is a fairy-tale-like village just begging to be discovered and that is Perisher Valley in winter. Just picture fresh and cool air, snowy hills, fences and the warmth inside as many elements as possible that can be associated with comfort and exclusivity. Whether it is a romantic getaway you desire or just an opportunity to relax and feast on the beauty of natural surroundings, then Perisher Valley is the ideal holiday destination for the kind of getaway you are contemplating. This brutal assault on your senses will lead you into the realm of luxury that you have never dared dream of before.

Ideal accommodations for a romantic getaway

Take your loved one to the stunning Perisher Valley for an enchanting getaway that couples will never forget. Amid all the white and the blue, you will locate the most appropriate accommodation in perisher valley   with which you and your loved one can have the most romantic holiday. When you wake up early in the morning, chances are that you will be waking up to fabulous sceneries such as that of the snowy mountains.

Luxury accommodation can be found in our hotel suite selections that we have created to meet privacy and comfort expectations at the same time should you want to spend some days here. Whether it’s a cozy cabin for two or a luxurious king-sized bed in a spacious suite, the rooms are dark and wooden, with soft pastel colors adorning the walls and furniture, and luxurious linens that harmonize with the romantic atmosphere.

There are many different options for this including snuggling up in front of the fireplace so individuals can spend quality time together next to the fireplace or conversely loved up in a private hot tub out in the night sky. Whether you would like to spend extended periods indoors and get as cozy as possible, or if you would love a romanticized scenery strolling hand in hand, then Perisher Valley is as close to paradise as it can get.

Luxurious amenities and services offered by Perisher Valley accommodations

Accommodation offered in Perisher Valley stands as some of the most luxurious in service provision with excellent facilities. They pride themselves in featuring fabulous spa amenities and tantalizing dining services, leaving no chance to come across a single ordinary aspect to spoil your luxurious getaway.

After skiing, spend a wonderful time in the wellness area and have a great massage or enjoy swimming in the heated pool with the view of beautiful mountains. High professionalism and courtesy of hotel employees, particularly the concierge, guarantee immediate and appropriate satisfaction of all necessities.

For individuals in search of morbid pleasures, SAUNA AND HOT TUB amenities have been installed to enable bath lovers to get well equipped for the bath. Fireplaces and luxurious beds in the guest rooms provide you with the ultimate home-like comforts.

Treat yourself to tasty meals prepared in the fine dining on-site restaurants which serve dishes that combine the local cuisine and the rich tradition of different countries and states served by experienced chefs.

Kai by the private and luxurious Perisher Valley hotels, your getaway has never been more glorious.

Activities and attractions near the luxurious accommodations

Located in the center of the Perisher Valley area of the Snowy Mountain, there are a vast number of activities and places of interest that would interest the guests to complement their stay in one of the luxurious Perisher accommodation options available.

In the winter, exercise the right to ski and snowboard on pristine slopes around the valley at first-pick facilities internationally. Experience the thrilling fun of skiing or snowboarding across virgin snow or take things slow with a winter wonderland snowshoe adventure.

During summer, go for some climbing in areas where you will enjoy moving up the slopes through steep alpine country and come out with breathtaking comprehensive views of extensive valleys. Head to the skiing resort to admire the views of the ground by taking a chairlift ride or in case you are an adrenaline junkie, you could opt for mountain bikes to bike through the challenging terrains.

For those really wanting some leisure, one can go for a spa treatment, easily or take a much deserved dip in nature. New South Wales boasts of fine dining which is a way of preparing foods that makes them very attractive to the eyes and enhancing their flavors, usually with locally sourced produce, wines and spirits.

Whether interested in adventure that involves engaging in outdoor activities or known as a person who wants to embrace natural beauty in order to rejuvenate the body and soul, Perisher Valley holds something special for every person who wants to experience luxury travel.

How to book your dream luxury accommodation in Perisher Valley

Visit our website or call our helpful bookings team to reserve your perfect Perisher Valley luxury accommodation. Enjoy an amazing experience in the stunning Australian Alps. Create lasting memories in one of the world’s most beautiful locales with a deluxe trip. Start counting down the days until you experience Perisher Valley pleasure by booking now. Your luxury getaway!

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