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Common Causes of Glass Damage in Homes and How to Prevent Them

Glass doors and windows are a beautiful element in buildings and they will bring natural light into the house all the while providing a barrier against the elements. But this is quite a fragile material and it is susceptible to different types of damage. When you have a good idea of the causes for glass damage in the house, you can look into ways to prevent it or minimise the risks.

A common cause for glass damage is accidental impact.

This can be due to pets running into glass doors, children playing with balls outside or mishandling household items. Impact can lead to chips, cracks or even completely break the window which will need glass replacement. You can choose a glass that is more resistant to impact so that it is less likely to shatter into dangerous shards. You can choose laminated glass or tempered glass for this. There are also shatter resistant films that can be applied to glass windows and doors. Even if the glass cracks, the glass pieces will be held in place thanks to the film. You need to  make sure that all members of the family are educated on how to be cautious around the glass areas. This way, any rough play can take place away from these areas.

Weather conditions can also impact glass durability.

Physical damage can be caused by heavy rains, high winds and hailstorms. Also, extreme temperatures can lead to thermal stress and the glass can crack eventually. You can install storm shutters so that windows can be protected from flying debris. This will keep them protected in severe weather conditions. It is important to carry out regular inspections of the glass doors and windows from time to time so that you know their condition. You can identify signs for wear and tear or even areas that need repairs or replacement in this way. You need to use sealants and weatherstripping around windows so that water infiltration can be prevented. This is another situation that can weaken glass with time. Sometimes the glass doors and windows will not be installed properly and this can lead to poor alignment and insufficient support.

Glass will be more susceptible to damage as a result of improper installation.

These glass surfaces can develop stress cracks or even prematurely fail. You need to choose professional installation because of this. They will measure the openings exactly so that the glass can be sized perfectly and fitted. By choosing professionals, you can be assured of the quality of glass used which will add to its longevity. Thermal stress will happen when there is a big difference in temperature in different parts of the glass. The glass will unevenly expand and contract which can lead to  cracks. Common situations will be sunlight heating one part of a window while the other part remains cool. You can use double glazed glass or low-emissivity glass so that thermal stress can be reduced. This is done by providing better insulation. You can also use shades or blinds to manage the amount of direct sunlight falling onto the windows.

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