In a just-posted video  5 minutes and 44 seconds long, Will Smith unfortunately slapped Oscar’s host Chris Rock after Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett complained.

This was before Smith won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

The apology was expected, and Smith made it in the form of answering questions asked around the Internet.

Smith was expected to choose a famous television interview to apologize to Oprah Winfrey at a late-night talk show, but instead he  chose to sit down and  answer social media questions calmly.

Smith decides whether his wife has decided to rush from the front row to the stage  to surprise the astonishing mid-term presentation of Questlove’s Best Documentary Award at the Summer of Soul hit rock. talked.

Rock was as stoic  as you could imagine, and the actor sat down, yelled at Rock and uttered Keep’s wife, saying, “Did Smith throw my shit out of me?” Smith answered the question as follows:

Smith is a movie star and  producer, and falls into two major categories.

Some say he likes to win the Academy Award for Best Actor if he doesn’t slap. I also heard that Liberation is the best filmmaker Antoine Fuqua has done since Training Day.

Looking at how the movie is carried, Smith’s apology is certainly the first step towards returning to the bright side of the Hollywood ledger.