In the middle of a two-hour episode of the  Russo Brothers’ latest big-budget action movie, The Gray Man, I felt something was  missing.

There were explosions, shootouts, actions, and even funny dialogues, but I felt they were incomplete.

For the last 30 minutes, I unknowingly waited to hear the iconic mission: an impossible theme.

Because it’s Grayman in nature-MI minus Tom Cruise’s charm and all the  iconic moments.

This exhilarating ride is popcorn entertainment, but it’s a bit confusing, not compatible with its predecessor in this genre, or  its stellar cast.

Based on Mark Greaney’s best-selling novel of the same name, Gray Man follows the infamous Sierra Six  a CIA mercenary who  turned his back on the agency.

This is also the first movie directed by the Russo Brothers (Anthony and Joe) since the Avengers Endgame.

The story is simple, but the action is chaotic, the background music is loud, and some of the movie’s decisions are really mysterious.

The MCU had a great VFX that often obscured script flaws when they were flawed.

There are no noticeable, breathtaking moments or scenes. It’s a great movie, but one that you may not stick to you as you get older.