Endgame and The Grayman, Russo Brothers  Joe and Anthony pay tribute to Indian filmmaker SS Raja Mauri, known for his blockbusters such as Baahubali and RRR.

In a recent interview about the language of  the film, Russia tweeted about his encounter with the acclaimed director and called him “great.”

On Saturday, Raja Mauri replied that “honor and joy” belonged to him.

On Saturday, Russo Brothers shared their recent interview with Rajamouli about the universal language of the action genre.

A few hours later, Raja Mauri tweeted the Russo family, “Honor and joy are mine … (emoji of the clasped hand). .. It was a wonderful exchange.

I look forward to seeing you and learning some of your techniques. 

Released on Netflix on July 22nd, this movie has already been released with a sequel and spin-off.

With Jr. NTR Rajamouli’s RRR starring Ram Charan  was a huge hit, with revenues of around £ 1.2 billion worldwide.

The Russo family recently traveled to India to promote their movie, ‘Gray Man’, and attended the film’s Indian premiere in Mumbai.

Digital on Netflix Since his release, it has gained  cult support in the West.