Monica Lewinsky took to Twitter to ask Beyonce to alter the verses to her 2013 track that name-dropped her.

Beyonce’s new album newly induced a movement as one song had to be squeezed after some fans mistrusted a part of the lyrics.

Following the getaway of her foremost solo studio album since 2016, Beyonce’s song Warmed sparked controversy after she used the word Spaz in the vocals.

While the Grammy-winning singer amended it, the singer’s 2013 song Division may also get altered soon.

Amid her Renaissance discussion, Monica Lewinsky also asked Beyonce to remove her title which is a part of the singer’s 2013 track Partition.

The suggestive lyrics of Partition are about the high-profile romance between President Bill Clinton and a then-21-year-old Lewinsky.

Previously, Monika Lewinsky talked about being noted in not only Beyonce’s but other pieces as well and wrote in a Vanity Fair essay.

Appreciations, Beyoncé, but if we’re verbing, I think you meant Bill Clinton’d all on my gown, not Monica Lewinsky’d.

Contentious song lyrics existing called out have evolved into a d new trend and recently Lizzo also altered the lyrics to her song Girls.

The singer’s track Grrls initially consisted of the lyrics, Hold my bag, bitch, hold my bag/Do you see this shit?