Actor Johnny Depp has sued a $ 2 million defamation award given to his ex-wife Amber Heard in a June trial by a Virginia jury

The news comes the day after Amber Heard officially announced that he intends to appeal her verdict against her in Johnny’s defamation proceedings. In 2018,

Johnny accused Amber Heard of defamation and stated in a Washington Post editorial that he was a victim of domestic violence. He won the case last month.

The deadline says Johnny Depp has appealed a $ 2 million defamation award presented to his ex-wife Amber Heard by a Virginia jury in her trial in Fairfax County’s submission last month.

“Plaintiff and counterclaim defendant John C. Depp, II will appeal all unfavorable judgments made on June 24, 2022 and the final decision of the Circuit Court to the Virginia Court of Appeals,” the four said.

The complaint page said. Johnny’s appeal is on July 21st in Amber as the jury seeks to regain the $ 2 million ruling awarded to  Virginia  Amber in a $ 100 million.

Amber’s lawyer admitted that the jury had defamed Johnny on June 1  by posting an editorial in the Washington Post stating that she was a “public figure who committed domestic violence.”

Counterclaim against Johnny and his family, which was awarded by the deadline. We are responding to appeals.

A few days after the verdict  in  Johnny Depp-Amber Heard’s defamation trial, a written order was issued to Amber to pay $ 10.35 million.

She was accused of damaging Johnny’s reputation in a comment she wrote in December 2018, stating that she was a victim of domestic violence.