.Johnny Depp satisfied a fan’s desire by meeting her quite a long time back, and proceeded with his help for her by composing the foreword of her impending book.

The entertainer purportedly teamed up with her on a youngsters’ book, which is planned to be delivered on July 20.

Johnny’s note in the book composed by the disease survivor was written in June, when the entertainer visited Paris, weeks.

Johnny made malignant growth survivor Katie Vanrdrilla’s blessing from heaven after the Make-A-Wish Foundation looked for 2011, according to the report.

In a new tweet, Katie, who experienced leukemia, said she was grateful to the cause starting point for assisting her with getting ‘where she is today’.

On June 17, while in Paris, Johnny weet note for Katie in the foreword to her impending kids’ book, detailed Daily Mail on Friday.

The report said Katie her disease treatment that her life meeting Johnny, and their meet amounted to ‘completely everything’ to her.

The report shared Johnny’s exceptional note in Katie’s book, Thumper’s London Adventure.

The preamble started with, ‘For my dearest Katie, for her dear loved ones.” express,.

Johnny, who has been in news due to his Amber Heard,  late made a gift to  clinics (non-fungible token) tweeted on July 6.