Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck chose Paris for their honeymoon.

The newlyweds are in a city of love celebrating their first vacation as a couple.

Jennifer and Ben were found in a restaurant on a recent trip to the French capital.

In photos shared to paparazzi and fan accounts on social media, the pair was packed into a PDA when they went out on a date.

With photos and videos shared online, the couple looked chic for a night out.

Jennifer wore a red dress, while Ben Affleck wore a blue suit and looked vague.

In some pictures I could see them kissing in a restaurant. The two were also seen walking hand in hand while on the go.

Ben and Jennifer got married on July 16th at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, three months after announcing their engagement in April.

Jennifer and Ben were once dating and canceled their wedding in 2003 and were engaged a year later before ending their relationship.

Ben’s daughter Violet also appeared in a photo of Jennifer and Ben’s honeymoon in Paris.