One of The Aquaman in 2018 The American actor Jason Momoa is Reportedly getting paid double for Part Two of the second part of this Movie Called Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.

After the huge success of the film and the film collecting 1.18billion dollars the director, James Wan wants to continue to work on the second part as well.

A huge part of the success of this film is this film connects to DC and the huge fan following of DC has already been impressed by the 1st appearance of the Aquaman.

Then the Director decided to give the proper introduction of the character of Arthur Curry throughout the movie he is the underwater king of Atlantis Viewers.

In the First Movie, The Aquaman attempts to stop a war from happening between the Sea World and the land world.

Not after a very long time the first part of the film’s success it was announced that The Aquaman’s second part is in making with Momoa and Wan returning.

Although fans of the Aquaman are waiting for the follow-up film’s announcement where the character is treated in the Cameo of the HBO show Pacemaker.

In addition to Momoa’s Aquaman and the lost Kingdom also features performances by Amber Heard.

And the Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II features also.