BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook are joking behind the scenes and making fun of each other with new videos.

On BTS’YouTube channel, they shared videos of  members  at this year’s Grammy Awards for shooting butter and dance permission music videos, concerts, and speeches to the United Nations.

The video started with  members of BTS, the group’s fandom ARMY wishing “Happy New Year”.

Next, Jung Kook played the drums, saying V said, “Kick, let’s go.” Jung Kook replied, “That’s a kick.” In his reply, J-Hope and Jimin, who were standing nearby, burst into laughter.

After the winners were announced at last year’s Grammy Awards, members were then seen holding cakes. After BTS didn’t win, V aka Kim Tae-hyun called his father.

In the butter music video shoot, the members played with Jimin and Suga played in front of them.

In another segment, Suga danced on stage and made a face. The video continued to show the members’ performances and photo shoots.

This clip was also surrounded by other members and gave a glimpse of RM towards the United Nations.

They later dug a ditch as several  shouted “BTS” in front of the United Nations.

In another part of the video, Jin sat in a shopping cart owned by J-Hope and Jimin told him, “This isn’t for sale.” Jung Kook laughed when Jimin held him in his arms in one of the scenes.