According to a new report, Angelina Jolie  won a court battle with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, including a French winery.

The former couple  bought the Château Miraval Winery in 2008 for an estimated $ 28.3 million and  agreed not to sell  the company’s shares.

However, Brad accused Angelina of selling  part of a French vineyard.

Currently, on July 22, Angelina’s legal team summoned documents from Brad, his company, and his CEO.

In early 2022,  Brad reportedly sued his ex-wife and sold a stake in French real estate to the  Luxembourg-based spirits maker Story Group, owned by Russia’s b, Yuri Chefler.

In addition to the famous wines, the vast 405 acres of French estate are said to have swimming pools and heliports.

According to a report on page 6, Brad’s camp fought teeth and claws to force the court to deny Angelina Jolie’s paperwork and communication requests

If Brad and his legal team wanted to appeal, the judge decided he couldn’t wait for the appeal decision to be made.

The report added that Brad declined the offer to sell the property to the Story Group, even though Brad and Angelina were married.

Angelina  filed for her divorce from Brad in 2016. She told her ex-husband that in January 2021 she sold  part of a French winery to the Russian oligarchs.