BTS leader RM talked about the process of getting his friendship tattoos.

He put in a new ankle tattoo labeled “7”. During his last live session, RM shared that it took as long as two  hours to finish his tattoo.

RM took the time to understand the font and location of the tattoo, but the inking process was completed in just two minutes.

In interacting with his fans, RM said in English: “It took me two hours to stamp my body to see the font and position, but it took  only two minutes to get a real tattoo on my body.

It was only two lines. Line 1” It hurts “2nd line” Oh oh oh “That’s it. RM used to share his friendship tattoos with his fans.

This seems to be a homage to the seven bands of BTS leaders. 7 was also the name of the  2020 BTS album.

J-Hope, Jimin, and Jin have similar tattoos after the members have discussed inking several times.

Talking about tattoos, V previously told Weverse: “We’ve always talked about friendship tattoos. Someday.

RM has also said that members talked about getting  friendship tattoos.

RM announced their hiatus, and while he enjoyed being in BTS, the members of the group  now felt “tired” and “remember what type of group we were.